Aerial Imaging Activities
  • Image Scanning of a 2.5 KM² area near Peyia (Development of George Vasiliou) February 2018

    • Result: High-Resolution Terrain (3D) mapping
  • Scanning of Kokkinokremmos archeological site at Pyla (in collaboration with STARC)

    • Image Scanning of the entire site
    • Result: High-Resolution Terrain reconstruction April 2018
  • STARC Workshop (3D Visualization of Monuments)

    • 3D reconstruction Carob Mill – Warehouse – May 2018, Limassol
  • Image Scanning of Ag. Spiridon Fishing Boat (Cultural Heritage Documentation Project)

    • In collaboration with STARC
    • Result: High-Resolution 3D Model of Agios Spiridon boat

Example Model derived by USRL - UAS used in VR environments. The Buzludzha monument & terrain

MozzyJet (Mosquito Drone)

Kamil Erguler & USRL

Development of drone for mosquito control in swampy and rugged areas

  • Proof of Concept test flights (Winter-Spring 2018)

  • Presentation at Conference:

18-20 April 2018 Akrotiri Environmental Education Centre (AEEC, Akrotiri village,
Limassol, Cyprus

Civil Defense Exercise

(Εγκέλαδος 2018)

  • Strovolos, March 2018

    • Scope: To investigate a collapsing building after an earthquake and search for injured persons using a mini-drone
Aerial Survey for clandestine graves of missing persons

The Cyprus Institute (USRL & STARC) and the Committee on Missing Persons (CMP)

Near Sisklipos, Cyprus (Occupied Zone)

Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

USRL, STARC, CMP Participants (Photo taken by octocopter)

3D Aerial Reconstruction of Agios Spiridon Fishing Boat - Latchi