Regular flight campaigns in Cyprus to study the seasonality of the atmospheric properties, in rural and urban environments

UAV Flights for atmospheric research at Orounda Airfield

Intensive flight campaigns during extreme weather conditions (e.g. dust events), natural or anthropogenic hazards, and regional pollution episodes

Dust outbreak in Cyprus

Aerosol sampling during a fire in Geri Industrial Area

Observation of the vertical composition of the atmosphere (absorption, size distribution, AOD, ice nuclei, etc.)

Prototype sensors integrated on UAVs for atmospheric research

Balloon-Aircore Flights (in collaboration with LSCE)

AirCore Sampling up to the lower stratosphere (30 km)

Cyprus view from 30 km

Balloon – UAV Vertical Profiles

Balloon- UAV Flights for atmospheric profiling up to the lower troposphere

Night Flights (measurements for domestic heating and wood burning pollution in winter, aerosol measurements)

Night Flights for measuring black carbon (due to increased wood burning) during Christmas time

Night Flights with an optical backscatter aerosol detector at Orounda Airfield during the Pre-ASKOS Fall Campaign (2021)